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March 21, 2012


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I get an error about Apophysis7X.rand and/or Apophysis.undo when I start Apophysis
It's a Vista/7-issue which spawned after using Delphi XE2 as the main compiler (since 15C) You have multiple possibilities:
1. Right click the Apophysis shortcut or EXE-file and select "Properties". Go to the "Compatibility" tab and check "Run as administrator". Try again.
2. Copy your Apophysis folder to the desktop (or "My Documents") and try running it from that location.
3. Go to the control panel and disable UAC ("User account control")
A permanent fix is on the way.

I get a crap ton of access violations when I open Apophysis and/or the Editor window
My assumption is that there is an incompatibility in your settings. Reset them the following way:
1. Exit Apo, hold the Windows-Key and hit "R" on your keyboard. Enter "regedit" and hit return.
2. On the left side, browse to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software" and find the folder "Apophysis 7X".
3. Right click that folder and click "Delete".
4. Try again.

My 3D flames look wrong
3D-Flames need tweaking if their particular case slipped through the stack of automatic conversion routines I added to the loading routines. Please manually tweak your flames with the following information:
1. All (!) variations which are built-in are 3D-aware since 15C. That means, they create OR preserve the Z-component of the 3D point (X, Y, Z); so let's say you used spherical on transform 1 and julia3D on transform 2. Before 15C, spherical was not 3D aware. But now it is and your flame will look different because julia3D creates a Z-component and spherical preserves it.  To fix this, add "flatten" to transform 1 (the one with spherical) to delete the Z-component again and restore the old behavior.
2. Linear3D doesn't exist anymore. The community expressed, that two linears were silly and unnecessary. I first removed the old "linear"-variation (the one which was 2D) and renamed the old "linear3D"-variation to "linear". So linear3D is gone AND linear is now 3D by default. If you want the old 2D-linear back, add "flatten" on the same transform to make it 2D.

Okay. But my flame is 2D and it still looks wrong. I used a plugin which got built-in.
I am a human and I might have made an error while porting the plugin. Please send me examples (in picture AND parameter form) to my e-mail at xyrus01(at) and tell me what variations you assume are buggy. I will then try to help you and fix the problem.

While using multithreading (MT set to anything else than "Off"), my flames which have a transform opacity between 0 and 1 look like the opacity was 1.
morphapoph reported to me about this problem and I indeed found a bug in the multithreaded renderer where the opacity is not properly implemented. Unfortunately, you can't do anything about that but it was a problem in previous versions of 7X too. I am fixing that right at the moment, though!

Using non-latin characters or special characters like backslashes, quotation marks et cetera in flame names or file names make Apophysis hang or crash.
With Delphi XE2, Apophysis internally supports Unicode. But the code was not fully updated yet (and it will take some longer) - I wanted to give you a release so you can play with it right now and not let you wait until I finished the entire transistion. Please be patient with me while I update the code to use proper unicode characters. I do not wish to force you to use latin characters. The Apophysis code does that until it got updated.

Apophysis crashes natively ("Do you want to send this problem to Microsoft?") or with a lot of "Access Violations" upon start or during the execution and/or the installer (only available up to 15B as of now) doesn't start ("Not implemented")
Apophysis and a few other programs are incompatible with a product called LiteStep. MindsEye69 pointed out that a similar product called BlackBox causes problems too. Based on this information, I can safely assume that shell replacements or enhancers (such as the Stardock-products WindowBlinds, DesktopX, WindowFX, ObjectDock as well as Aston, Samurize and Cairo) are incompatible with Apophysis. Please check for any of those and try to run Apophysis without those software products before reporting a problem of crash-nature. An exception from this rule would be RainMeter which has been proven to work just fine with Apophysis. But try to disable this as well before contacting me about a crash-related problem.

Anything else? Did I forget a problem you reported? Please let me know and I will add it here!
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:faint: O no! spoke too soon - closed 7X15C down & opened it again to make sure & dammit - still got same problem. ie Access Violation with opening Editor window. OK, tried everything you've suggested so far now - any more clues?
:w00t: Think I've solved it - opened it from Desktop as per yr advice - hadn't done that so far but I saw Mario's Comment & everything looks cool. :phew: No sweat - now to try it.

:highfive: Many many thanks for your help & more thanks again for this wonderful tool. If only you knew what a HUGE part of my life Apo is - yours too I guess! :blowkiss:
As last Comment reply in prev Journal re the problem of Access Violation in Apophysis7X.exe when I try to open Editor - followed regedit steps above but still nogo - same problem - repeating uncloseable messages until I Cntrl+Alt+Del. Fortunately 15B still working fine so I can still use it, but the new one looks very superior. I do hope you can solve this, so hot to trot on it.
I have a question about "3D flames look wrong":
If xform 1 in your example has not only spherical, but also maybe curl3D or some other 3D variation as well, what happens if you then apply flatten? Will the transform lose any 3D effect it contributes to the flame? (Actually I haven't noticed this is any flames of mine, but I haven't really been looking.)
I do however seem to notice that flames in general seem to have much more 3D in them, more depth. That's very cool!
Lots of 15c is very cool!! :D
Xyrus-02 Mar 21, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
If your add flatten to curl3D, you have a whole new thing indeed ;)
sjdebdaly Mar 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i think you use flatten on the variation that was only 2D, but is now 3D. So you'd have spherical and flatten at 1 on tx1 :)
sjdebdaly Mar 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
the X button by the search variations text bar doesn't do anything :)
I left the executable in the desktop and it is running from there without problems.
Does that mean that on Desktop you have 7X15C in a folder (with all the Plugins & etc folders in that) or do you just have the 7X15C itself, (no folder & no Plugins & etc folders) - or 7X15C +Plugins & etc folders just out there en masse?
I have only the executable in the desktop as there is no need to have a folder for just one file. I run the 64 bit version under Windows 7 and this version doesn't allow for additional plugins or scripts. If needed I keep installed the 7x15B 32 bit version.
If you run the 32 bit version it may be a completely different game.
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