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I have here a preliminary release of Apophysis 7X 15C. The following changes have been made:

+ Added log (from logn - included the variable log(n)_base)
+ Added polar2
+ Added cross
+ Added wedge
+ Added epispiral
+ Added (pre-/post-)bwraps
+ Added blur_circle
+ Added blur_zoom
+ Added blur_pixelize
+ Added (pre-/post-)falloff2
+ Added splits
+ Added separation
+ Added bipolar
+ Added loonie
+ Added escher
+ Added scry
+ Added ngon
+ Added foci
+ Added lazysusan
+ Added mobius (the one with Re_A, Im_A... - variables)
+ Added (pre-/post-)crop
+ Added elliptic
+ Added waves2
+ Added auger
+ Added pre_spherical
+ Added pre_sinusoidal
+ Added pre_disc
+ Added post_curl
+ Removed linear3D (the 3D-linear is now simply called "linear")
+ Changed all variations which were in Apophysis before so that they are 3D-aware. This means that all variations PRESERVE the z-position of their points instead of resetting it to zero like before. Your 3D parameters likely need tweaking HOWEVER I added some code in the loader which should automatically "fix" most of the parameters. BE AWARE THAT PARAMETERS SAVED WITH 7X ARE LIKELY TO BE INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE 3D HACK FROM NOW ON!
+ Added a variation search box in the editor
+ Fixed the multithreaded renderer. It is now safe to enable multithreading in the options. Leave a few threads open, however. If you got a dual-core, leave it at 1; if you got a quad-core, set it to 2-3; and so on.
+ Changed the general buffer depth to 64 bit floating point to improve numeric accurancy and speed (less conversion); MichaelFaber pointed out that this will require more memory for rendering, though. I will consider adding a 32 bit floating point mode for low-end computers.
+ Removed the EXIF-writing for JPEG-renders (couldn't find up-to-date and free library)
+ Temporarily removed scripting support. More info here. It will come back with a hotfix once I got enough donations for the component. I'm at 71 of 95 euros right now.
+ Introduced an experimental 64 bit version with no plugin support (which is why I added so many variations)
+ Fixed the editor toolbar glitch

As you can see from the changelog, one or two hotfixes will appear which bring back scripting and add a few more variations (glynnsim2, flux and circlecrop are in the works)

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO REMOVE ALL OF THE PLUGIN VARIATIONS WHICH ARE IN THE LIST ABOVE! Or you will get a lot of "variation already exists" errors!

Note that the variations (pre-/post-)bwraps2/7, Epispiral (capital E), cross2 and logn automatically translate to their corresponding new built-ins once you load or paste parameters. Note that 3D flames might break and need tweaking.

Important notice about the flatten-variation: the flatten-variation restores the old behavior of non-3D/built-in variations. It zeroes out the z-position so the pattern looks "flat" (like with a variation with no 3D support); use this to restore old flames :)

But for now - you can get Apophysis 7X 15C here:

32 bit Windows (with plugin support)

64 bit Windows (no plugin support)

Source code

You should use the 64 bit version if:
- You don't need plugins and / or can work with the built-in variations
- You want to render very large images (for printing)
- You have 4 GB of RAM or more

Do you have a problem or bug to report? Please read this journal before you do so!
The often requested browse functionality is now implemented as well. You can reach all of the four selection types from the main page:
  • Recent shares: obviously all flames recently shared sorted descending by time. Theoretically, you can load more and more on the browsing page until you are down to the very first share.
  • Similar flames: clicking the red "similar"-tag shows flames which have one or more of the same tags (not owner-tags, "tags" as in "keywords") - the more tags are equal, the higher the result is in order
  • By tag: lists flames with the same keyword
  • By owner: lists flame with the same owner - you can not list flame with no owner (anonymous shares) using this selector

I hope you like this addition. Now go and build a nice flame database for the community to use :)
I just completed the update for the OAuth-module on It is now possible to use your deviantART account to tag your shared fractal flames.

There are some updates to the privacy. These are required to make this work. The deviantART-authentication solution is powered by the sta:sh-API. However, no (!!!) access to your sta:sh is done. All I am getting is your username and symbol (~, =, *, ^ etc) This data - username and symbol - will be stored in a second table in the database. This table stores either your username and symbol from deviantART or your user-ID from Facebook (decimal number of variable length) alongside with a connection identifier (string of 32 hexadecimal characters) and the service you were using to log yourself in. To identify you on, the corresponding connection ID is stored with the flame you share.

So please mind the following if you use Facebook to tag your flames:
  • Your Facebook-ID (decimal number) will be stored
  • Neither your username, your e-mail, your real name, your profile picture nor any other data from your Facebook account will be stored in my database. It all resides on Facebook and will be queried when it's needed to display the website.
  • No write-access to your Facebook profile is done - EVER! I will not post stories on your wall, will not send any of your shares to Facebook nor will I tell Facebook anything about what you were doing on Facebook only knows that you were using at some point in your life. Nothing else.

And the following if you use deviantART to tag your flames:
  • Your deviantART username and your symbol (which denotes your user group) will be stored
  • Neither your deviations, your journals, your profile data ("deviant ID"), tag line, statistics, favorites nor any other information from your deviantART-account will be stored. I just know your name and use the symbol to get your "display name". I use the name to get your avatar as well. I query the avatar on-demand and by using deviantART infrastructure
  • No write access to your sta:sh or your deviantART-account is done - EVER! I will not submit deviations, journals, I will not add favorites or write comments, critiques or forum posts in any way imaginable. Actually, with the infrastructure given, I could never do that anyway.

If you accept that I store the absolute minimum of data from the corresponding account to identify you within then you are free to use the connection-feature ("Log in using...") - if you are concerned about me or the provider storing information about you through your profile then please don't use this feature. The same rule applying in the entire internet does apply here as well: if you want to keep information secret - don't send information to the internet. By using the connection-feature, you are sending information about THAT (and not HOW) you use to the corresponding provider and the information that you have a profile at the corresponding provider (plus where I can find your profile) to me. Nothing more, nothing less.

I just finished the API and it's documentation for my flame sharing web service

It's a simple HTTP-based interface which can be accessed by any language or framework which offers a HTTP-client. You can interact with the database as well as browsing it. You can find the detailed documentation at

I have teased you with a secret project going on in the last days and now it is time to reveal what was cooking! I present you: - a new, sleek yet rich web application to share your fractal flames with your friends and fellow fractal artists!

It works like PasteBin - paste an Apophysis-fractal into the box and you will have a short link to the fractal in the top right corner to give your friends so they can grab the flame you shared. But not only that. It also features:
  • Author tagging - if you wish so, you can tag the fractal you shared with your Facebook-profile. This is optional but useful if you want to assist people in properly crediting you if they decide to tweak your work. If you paste fractal parameters which already have been shared using this application into the box, it will "recycle" the link being created before and also maintain the correct author tag.
  • Meta information - automatically parses the fractal parameters to extract information about used plugins and what versions of Apophysis could possibly display and render the fractal correctly. It also provides you with download links to plugins you need.

This application is completely free for everyone to use. There are no advertisements and any other nasty things which would just annoy you. The only "advertisement" I allowed myself to put into it is a decent notification about the possibility to donate - may it be as a "thank you" or as an assistance for future projects! That notification will show up the first time you use it (or when the cookie the application creates in your browser to "remember" that you've been there already expires or gets deleted)

I wish you much fun with that utility. I hope it is useful to you!

OMFG finally! What's new? Why 15B?

I promised it - here it is. A bugfix version of Apophysis 7X V15. It's supposed to fix some bugs and improve the Chaotica integration. It's actually not a full new version of Apophysis. V16 is the fancy one with the new, dark interface. This one is to improve the quality of the current version. Thus 15B. Here is the full list of changes:

  • Fixed DPI glitches in "Export UPR", "Gradient Browser" and "Message Log" windows.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to render in slices due to "Out of Memory" errors.
  • Fixed a bug which caused wrong thumbnails after deleting a flame from the list to the left in the main window.
  • Updated Chaotica integration. Only versions since V0.45 of Chaotica are supported now. Directory structure is significant.
  • Added optional editor background preview. It is off by default. When on, the mini preview in the editor is replaced by the flame drawn on the background.
  • All buffer depths except 32 bit integer have been removed. A proper 64 bit-renderer shall be re-introduced in V16 where the only number type will be float.
  • Fixed a bug which caused improper listing of used variations from the final transform in the "Summarize flame" feature and the variation enumeration for Chaotica.
  • Added a link to Tara Roys' Apophysis manual in the help menu.

Notes on the new Chaotica integration features

I'd like to say a few things about the Chaotica integration. Version V15B supports Chaotica 0.45 or higher. In difference to older versions of Apophysis 7X, you now set the Chaotica folder in the settings - not the executable file. This will lead to problems if you had Chaotica integrated before and the setting is still pointing to the executable file.

  1. Go to Tools/Settings
  2. Click the environment tab
  3. Remove all text from the Chaotica path setting ("Chaotica 0.45+")

Please make sure you are selecting the top folder of Chaotica - NOT "32bit" or "64bit" in the dialog when you integrate Chaotica 0.45+ into Apophysis.

The file "chk64.exe" is a part of the Chaotica integration. It checks whether your operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit. Apophysis itself can't do that because it always runs in 32 bit mode. CHK64 is a .NET 2.0-executable compiled for "Any CPU". So it runs in 64 bit mode for 64 bit operating systems and in 32 bit mode for 32 bit operating systems. That's how it works. If this file is missing, you will get an error message when you checked "Use 64 bit-version if possible" in the settings and rendering a flame which does not use any DLL plugins.

The last statement brings me to the explaination how Apophysis selects between 32 bit- and 64 bit Chaotica. The 64 bit-version of Chaotica is used when all of the following conditions are met:
  • No DLL plugins are used in the flame you want to render
  • You are running a 64 bit-version of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista or 7)
  • You checked the box "Use 64-bit version if possible" in the settings window

Note that the 64 bit-version of Chaotica runs significantly faster.

If you need visual assistance on integrating Chaotica into Apophysis 7X, check out this video I made:

DPI glitches / problems with large fonts

I tried to remove all DPI glitches (problems where the user interface is not displaying correctly when the user sets a large font size in his display settings) but they are really hard to track. If there are still some, let me know.

The memory bug

People kept telling me that they were unable to render in slices (with "Memory Limit") - I fixed that. You can now use the memory limiting feature again without seeing the "Not enough memory"-error.

The editor background

Months back, I added a second preview mode to the editor. Instead of a small one on the top right, there is now a preview behind the triangles in the editor. It measures correctly to the positions of the triangle. Some users prefer this view where others prefer the mini-preview. The default is the mini-preview. To change that, go to Tools/Settings, the Editor-tab and check "Enable editor preview".

The editor preview requires a lot of CPU-power. So Apophysis performs generally worse when this is activated. Make sure your computer is strong enough.

That's it. Now download!

The download of the new version is here! Enjoy!


As always, I'd like to ask you to consider a donation to support this project :) Thank you!
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  • Watching: Fringe Season 4
  • Playing: GTA IV: EFLC
  • Eating: Twice-baked potatoes
  • Drinking: Cherry juice
I placed in another update for 7x.15 today ;)
This hotfix contains the following changes:
  • When summarizing flame, the plugins were not listed correctly - fixed
  • Chaotica export functionality did not cover all plugins used in the flame - fixed
  • The render window now has a minimize button again
  • Re-enabled Fractint map import
  • Fixed file filter issue when loading a gradient (did not cover .gradient files)
  • Fixed the script window title bar stuck at "New Script"
  • Fixed post-transform coefficients when generating a script (thanks Fred for the code!)
  • Fixed gamma threshold written as absolute value when generating a script
  • Fixed file name issues in favorite script functionality
  • Added hotkey for Chaotica export (Ctrl+Alt+X)

It did not cover everything but I thought for now, I can upload it :)
Hourglass-bug is being addressed soon!

PS: I also updated every language file because a string (save-status-alreadyexists2) has been added. Download your language file as well or update your custom one. If you don't do so, this particular string will be in english.
EDIT :ohnoes::megaphone: Un oh, obviously, I grabbed the wrong files when packing the ZIP file for the portable download :blush: Of course, I repacked and reuploaded the files. If you get the "old interface" with no new features and the EXE-build date is July 14 2010 - please redownload :D

I have placed in a smaller update to the release version of Apophysis 7x 15 today. It addresses the following issues:
  • The smooth gradient button in the main and adjust windows did not work ("Invalid format") - it does now.
  • The release version was accidently compiled with debug info sacrificing speed - it is now compiled at release config adding a small extra boost
  • The triangle tab toolbar was occuluded by the pivot box - it is now correctly in place
  • The julia3D, curl and curl3D variations had a smaller bug causing Apophysis to show Address Violations some times. Fixed.
  • The german language file offered on my homepage had ANSI encoding set. This caused Apophysis to display special characters incorrectly. It is now UTF-8 and thus parsed with the unicode parser. All special chars should display correctly now.
  • Some users used the installer to replace an existing Apophysis version. This is NOT RECOMMENDED as it may destroy existing settings and plugin directories as well as data stored in the installation directory. The installer will now show a warning at start to inform users about this hazard. Also, the homepage displays a warning about this.

More updates will follow as soon as more bugs get fixed.

You may download the fixed from as usual.

Thanks for your feedback.
I placed the new version of Apophysis 7x - version 15 - on the servers today :la:

This release probably features the biggest set of fixes, updates and new features ever. The most known one is probably that (drumroll) Apophysis 7x is multi-language now! I've announced it multiple times in my journal already and there was a vast amount of translators reporting for duty on this giant job.

Four languages are ready yet:
The following languages will be added in the following weeks as the translators are still tweaking them for you to be perfect:
Also, I'd like to highlight that Apophysis 7x Version 15 has now built-in support for Chaotica, a fractal flame renderer done by lyc. It requires you not more than two clicks to start rendering your flame designed in Apophysis using Chaotica after you set the path in the options as you probably did with flam3 before (it is at the same place)

So, enough said, here is the full change log:
  • Added experimental thumbnail embedding - default is off since it has no real-world use right now
  • Added a better notification system for missing plugins
  • Added options to toggle thumbnail embedding and missing plugin warnings on/off
  • Added background features to support dynamic plugin loading/unloading as well
  • Added a (disabled yet) module to load the new and old parameter format - the old parameter format is still used solely in this version
  • Added multilanguage support so users can write their own translation files for their native languages using a text-editor
  • Added an option to generate a quick flame report
  • Added built-in Chaotica export functionality
  • Changed resize code in editor window to allow users setting higher font sizes in their system without the editor being messed up
  • Changed most parts of the GUI to allow dynamic strings being placed in while loading translation files
  • Changed thumbnail code to allow non-square thumbnails (maintains original aspect ratio)
  • Changed thumbnail loading code to be threaded (loading in background)
  • Changed loading progress bar in main window to be at the status panel (was on the image frame)
  • Changed default flame list size to make the thumbnails appear centered
  • Changed "Export flame" to "Export to flam3" in order to better integrate the new Chaotica support
  • Fixed a bug with the time-attribute on unnamed flames ('' is not a valid integer)
  • Fixed assembly code for some built-in variations
  • Fixed a bug where the system shut down after first flame when rendering all flames if shutdown option was enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the options window was always nagging the user with restart
  • Fixed Flame.GammaThreshold in the scripting system - it now reads and writes like the option in the adjust window (please edit your scripts)
  • Fixed the internal script-from-flame feature which placed weight modifier settings at the wrong place resulting in the flame being inaccurate when using Xaos

And now, for the sake of sweet christ, go and grab your version here! :D

I committed revision 33 today which addressed a few bugs and glitches occuring in the first preview release of Apophysis7X.15!
You can grab the updated version here - please do not forget to also replace your version of "german.xml" if you use it.

Here are the changes:
  • Raised version number to 2.10.7x15
  • Few translation glitches in editor fixed
  • Redesigned "About" window
  • Some OFD/SFD filter strings weren't translated yet - fixed
  • Fixed DPI glitch on SplashForm.dfm
  • Changed language selection option to a combo box listing all files in Languages subfolder. Languages added via the browse button are copied into that subfolder.
  • Changed some things in MissingPlugin.pas (EndParsing now returns a bool)
  • Fixed a glitch where the memory limit option tended to malfunction on same configurations
  • Changed language parser to NativeXML (which has way better text encoding support) - it now triggers when the encoding is different than UTF-8; EasyXML is still used for UTF-8 parsing.
  • Fixed a bug with the time-attribute on unnamed flames ('' is not a valid integer)
  • Added language contributor label on About.dfm
  • Fixed shutdown issue on XP/Vista/7 (GetWinVersion updated) - Apo now correctly shuts down the PC when finished rendering
  • Fixed shutdown after first flame when rendering all flames if shutdown option enabled - Apo now shuts down after the LAST flame rendered
  • Removed "Label10" caption shortly visible on Mutate.dfm
  • Fixed problem where Options.dfm always nags the user with restart (even if not changed language or thumbnail size)
  • Moved loading progress bar in main window to a status panel (was on the image frame)

Have fun!
Hey people :)

I just sent out notes to the translation squad. This effectively means, I finished the 7x.15 core and the german language file.
You can grab both here:…

It does not come with an installer or any other files. So until all other languages are complete, it will remain a preview version despite it is feature-complete.

The default language however remains english. So if you did not explicitly specify a language file Apophysis 7x will stay english. If you (in future) accidently selected a language file of a language you don't understand, delete your settings as described in the Apophysis FAQ here :)

And now a rather personal greet to the guys on a german Apophysis portal:
Ihr mögt ein größeres Management-Problem haben aber die Benutzer sind großartig. Ich habe versprochen, dass ihr irgendwann einmal ohne Englischkurs für Fortgeschrittene Apophysis bedienen könnt. Dies wäre hiermit eingelöst. Nehmt es als euer Weihnachtsgeschenk. Viel Spaß mit Apophysis! :)

Merry Christmas, deviantART!
Here is the promised fixing release 14 of Apophysis 7x! It now has built-in DirectColoring support and another ton of additions and fixes.

The changelog:
  • Fixed a memory leak within the thumbnail generation code.
  • Merged the Apophysis7X/DC-branch into the main code. DirectColoring is now generally available for Apophysis 7X.
  • Added a transform property named "var_color" which blends DirectColoring for an individual transform between zero (off) and one (on) - you can access this feature on the color-tab in the editor window. (captioned "Direct color")
  • Added script support for var_color. (access with "Transform.VarColor")
  • Added descriptive icons in the variation lost of the editor which indicate whether the individual variation supports 3D or DC.
  • Fixed the "multithreading"-glitch in the options window. The field now represents the actual setting again.
  • If you hover a triangle in the editor, the text on the bottom right now also contains the variation weights for each variation applied.
  • Added dc_linear, dc_bubble and dc_carped as optional plugins to the installer. All of these support DirectColoring.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the mouse cursors from changing when hovering a transform "widget" in the editor window.
  • Changed the script procedure "ShowStatus(<string>)" so it now displays a status message again in the first panel of the main status bar.
  • Rotating the gradient using a drag operation on the gradient display now updates the value text box.
  • Fixed some random weirdness within the built-in curl- and curl3D-variations.

You can download the Installer, the Portable package or the Source code :) Have fun!

PS: You can download the bundled DC-plugins here if you decide for the portable package!
Today - after a very long testing phase - I decided to finally upload Apophysis 7X.13 :)

This version has a giant set of new features and fixes so let's list them up:

  • Enabled the "Opacity" field in the editor to react on double clicks. (changes to zero if opacity is set to one, elsewise to one)
  • Fixed a bug which could made the script system unable to change the transform data after using an AddTransform-command in some very rare cases.
  • Made some "cosmetic" changes to the application icon and title string.
  • Changed the guidelines notice in the options window as it is indeed possible to show them when transparency is not enabled in the main preview.
  • Fixed numerous "Floating point"-errors in the 32- and 48-bit renderer code.
  • Added an enumeration of scripts within the "[ApoDirectory]Scripts" folder. This enumeration is shown in the scripts menu to quick-access your script library.
  • "GammaTreshold" is now accessible in scripts. ("Flame.GammaTreshold := value")
  • You can now also use "ColorSpeed" to access the symmetry property in scripts. ("Transform.ColorSpeed := value")
  • Added functionality to turn a given flame into a script which reproduces the flame except of its gradient.
  • Renamed "randFilename" to "Apophysis7X.rand" (was "apophysis.rand"), "undoFilename" to "Apophysis7X.undo" (was "apophysis.undo") and "templateFilename" to "Apophysis7X.temp" (was "default.temp")
  • You can now specify a script which executes automatically when Apophysis starts. You have to name this file "autoexec.asc" and it must be in the Apophysis directory.
  • The plugin selection in the installer was simplified to groups rather than individual plugins.
  • The installer contains the official plugin pack from SourceForge now.
  • The default scripts from Apo2.02 were replaced by a smaller set of example scripts. These remain optional and can be selected in the installer.
  • The default path of the function library is now [ApoDirectory] unctions.asc (moved out of the scripts folder as it will be enumerated in the program)
  • Changed the plugin enumeration code so that the plugins folder must now be at the location of the EXE-file rather than the location specified by the "Work Directory"-variable (CDIR)
  • Added file type registration of .flam and .asc files to the installer so they open with Apo7X on double-click and assigned an icon to them (located at [ApoDirectory]Resources*.ico) - flames are simply being opened and displayed, scripts are opened and the script editor is shown.
  • Template files (.template) got a file type registration as well. Double-clicking those will start a new tool which installs them into the correct directory. This tool works with the following command line: "resinstall.exe template <file name>". If you want to use this install tool separately, replace "file name" with the source path of the template pack wrapped in quotes (usually you don't need to do that)
  • Disabled the (unfunctional yet) distance estimation tab in the adjust-window as this feature is still not ready in this release (sorry...)
  • When clicking "save all parameters" in the file menu after editing one flame in a batch, the changes were reverted and the target file did not appear in the file system. This has been fixed.
  • Included a new and recent help file as the previous versions were still using an ancient version from Apophysis 2.02. The new help file is way more detailed and should cover (almost) every recent feature of Apophysis 7X.

So for all who are on the "TLDR" truck - scripting is better, a new help file is there and the installer is now double-awesome! ;)

A big thanks goes to davebold370 for his testing work. Be sure you check his gallery. Here are some examples:

:thumb165759503: :thumb163549666: :thumb161586516: :thumb148844160: :thumb144204906: :thumb141100679:

Hope you people like it :) Old versions are still available here!
Apophysis 7x.12 has just arrived on the download servers :la: Following changes have been made:
  • Enabled the renderer to write EXIF-data in JPEG files. This feature is optional. If it is enabled, Flame name, Apophysis version and optionally a custom author string and the corresponding parameters are written into the metatags of the JPEG render. This data will remain if you postwork your render in Photoshop.
  • Added optional guidelines in the main window preview panel (originally appeared in Jed Kelseys Apo2.09 JK)
  • Added functionality to change help file path (so you can insert the tutorial of your choice)
  • Changed the entry "The fractal flame algorithm" in the help menu to open the following document in your default browser:
  • The plugin code had some little burps. Fixed these.
  • You can now distinguish whether you started the normal or the T500-version from the titlebar text

As in the last release - there are two versions. A normal and a T500 version are included. The T500 version allows up to 500 transforms where the normal one only allows 100. If you got a plenty of RAM and not-so-many plugins, you can safely go for T500. Otherwise use the normal one.

A whole bunch of thanks goes to the guys at who kept pushing in suggestions! I'd suggest every german fellow out there to join their community.

To download it - hit the deviation page:… and use one of the mirrors or the "Executable"-link.

Happy fractaling!
Despite my earlier words about the termination of the 7x development, I've taken a heart and pushed in an updated version.

I call it "Apophysis 7X 2010" and here is what you got in addition:
  • Following the 2.09 update, I've renamed the "symmetry" parameter to "color speed" to avoid any confusion among the new users
  • Finally implemented the "transform opacity" option from 2.09 replacing the older "plotmode" a.k.a. "invisibility" parameter. It also can be scripted
  • Apophysis 7X can now autosave in 1, 2, 5 and 10 minute intervals! You can set the autosave target as well as the interval in the option dialog. This is also the place where you enable and disable it
  • Raised the transform limit to 500 on public demand
  • Prepared the code for density estimation. It is an inactive feature yet but I try to finish it as soon as possible to help you kill the grain
  • Performed tiny little fixes all over the code

I hope you like it :heart:
I would like to announce the release of Apophysis 7X.9 today! This article is about the new features and I would like to show off fractalists artworks as well.

The following changes have been made:

  • Added functionality to check for updates on startup
  • Added "opacity" tag in XML parser to make flames compatible to official 2.09 version of Apophysis
  • Added "Reset file content list width" button in options menu
  • Added possibility to set a name for an XForm
  • Improved update system to get the list of changes visible in the program
  • Fixed a bug where the color box in post render window did not react on clicks

You can now enable Apophysis 7X to check for updates on startup. This setting is enabled by default. Uncheck "check for updates on startup" box in the popup window to turn it off. I also included a new update system. Hitting on "check for updates" won't open the website of Apophysis 7X anymore but poll data from it and showing a dialog where changes since the current version are listed.

The next big thing is that you are able to name your XForms now. Want to create template or tag XForms for your own reviews? This little helper is there for you when you don't remember what an XForm does anymore :nod:

I made 7x compatible with the newest official version (2.09) - if you set XForm opacity=0 there, it will load as "Invisible" in 7x and vice versa. No more telling which XForms are hidden when ponging flames ;-)

Jeddaka reported me a problem which makes it impossible for you to scale up the thumbnail list when scaled it down so much that it wasnt visible anymore. The bug must be ancient and I implemented a workaround. Messed up the list? Hit Options/Reset file content list width to fix it without restarting apo.

And I fixed the "Color box in post render not reacting on clicks" bug as well as some other smaller bugs from earlier versions to make that version even more stable :)

A little word on the ongoing project to implement some kind of "reload plugins" feature suggested by phoenixkeyblack: I implemented the base but it isn't stable yet. So I decided to disable it for 7X.9 and enable it when it has been finished.

Thank you fractal2cry and StarTrekOmega for beta-testing this release :hug:

And now - here are some artwork features showing the works of some great artists! Go to their galleries and give them much :heart:

Featured artists are:

The Fatal Disguise by Jeddaka Wind by fractal2cry To The Skies by Traelium Neviara by Traelium Eye of The Storm by Golubaja Pastels by Golubaja LnBpBub_7X by hallv5 XTrb Portal Opens...Forward HO by zweeZwyy - Playing with cards - by Zwara02 Gift Art - MinigAte by Golubaja Alien Contamination by fractalyzerall DA Advanced Creative Lens by fractalyzerall Kleiniantine by cyberxaos floral vortex by cyberxaos :thumb123658091: Break Out 7X by hallv5 :thumb134213668: Valthian by Traelium It Has Structure by MurdocSnook The Web by MurdocSnook Evolve by MurdocSnook Ode To A Lost Memory by Golubaja :thumb136684933: :thumb136577185: PieTechnics by cmptrwhz Dunes of Apophysis by cmptrwhz Marble Made of Marbles by cmptrwhz Spiral of Doom Animated by cmptrwhz Christmas Tree Farm by cmptrwhz RR2 apo 3d-2 by cmptrwhz Conveyor II by hallv5 A Question of Time by Velvet--Glove :thumb135391929: Frost Fire by Traelium Overload by Traelium Flame of Hope by fractal2cry juicy fruit by cyberxaos cocooning by cyberxaos :thumb125664531: 09 04 16 B by penny5775 09 04 29 B by penny5775 09 09 13 A by penny5775 Busted TriBoarders by fractal2cry

Changes in version 7x.7:
  • Moved "weight" box below xForm selection box
  • Added template system - place ".flame" files into "Templates" subfolder to extend the selection. You can turn it off using corresponding setting in options/general
  • Changed open/save file dialogs to use the ones provided with your operating system
  • Several smaller bugfixes

EDIT 09-09-12: Please redownload everybody already downloaded this version. Check that the archive you downloaded has Sep.12 2009 as last changed timestamp.

Also I would like to inform you that utak3r just announced and released Apophysis 2.09 Go and give all appreciation you have for this!

Have fun :)
You may have tracked the release of Apophysis 7x Update 7 using my journal and some of you may also used it already. I would like to take special care of the new "Template" feature as well as bringing a new feature of fractal art!

How to access? Easy as can be. Just hit first button in toolbar or File/New to open up a new window named "New flame". You have a selection of base forms in there which you can use to start from.

The selection is rather small. How to extend? Also very easy. Place ".flame" files in a subdirectory named "Templates" in your Apophysis folder (same place where "Plugins" is located). All flames in there will be parsed and inserted into the "New flame" window.

But note two important things! You MUST NOT take flames as they are when provided by other deviant or just recolor them. You need to tweak them meaning that you need to make something new and unique of it before uploading. Actually the same story as taking starter flames from fractal resources. The second important thing is that you NEED TO TAKE CARE that you don't place too many flames into the "Templates" folder. I think this should also be clear as you also must not place too many plugins into the Apophysis folders.

I would really like to see new template packs popping up into the resource gallery :) There is lot of space as I did not include any template which needs plugins to work.

Other new things in 7x.6/7:
  • Apophysis now remembers last opened flame if no default flame is specified
  • You can now choose the thumbnail size (small = 96x96 and large = 128x128) in options/display
  • Revised the main toolbar - it is now customizable and autowraps when window is too small
  • The color bar in the editor introduced in 7x.5 now reacts on click (sets the xform color to the one at the mouse pointer position)
  • Moved the "weight box" below the xform selection dropdown to make the user always see the current xform's weight
  • Changed open/save file dialogs to native OS ones

Besides the new things in 7x.7 I want to inform you, that Apophysis 2.09 was released by utak3r - go to his journal to get it

Now the features - go and give the artists much :heart: !
Aphasic by Meckie Glamour_puss by Fiery-Fire Symmetry by Fiery-Fire Find_my_path by Fiery-Fire Scream and scream again by IDeviant Maharaja by Fiery-Fire Gates_Of_Lothorien by Fiery-Fire 090822 05 by Pharmagician ornament by coby01 Broken Window by fractal2cry Purple Gnarls by DWALKER1047 The Garden of Delights by Golubaja Glows_of_spark_fairy by Fiery-Fire - pink infinity - by Zwara02 Network Blue by Thelma1 the beginning by coby01 roundflowers by coby01 Windings by Jimpan1973 Hotbars by Jimpan1973 SpherBlast by fractal2cry Ganymede Circus by zweeZwyy Our Dream by Meckie Vacation_from_hell by Fiery-Fire SILVER STAR BRIGHT by MothersHeart Swirly Again by MothersHeart Love in Purple Passion by MothersHeart Arteguille_Apo3DH_RR3_T8_7 by Arteguille1 Arrow Maze by fractal2cry Slik Pillars by OutsideFate Crossing Paths by MothersHeart

Featured artists are:
Apophysis 7X did another step in his evolution - Update 5 was released today.

I would like to present you the (again huge) list of changes as well as to thank the users for reporting bugs and suggesting new features.

  • Added "New flame" and "Render all" button in toolbar
  • Relocated "Options" button in toolbar
  • Resized quality box in toolbar to make "1000" fit into it
  • Changed thumbnail size to 92x92
  • Added progress bar for preview rendering in main window
  • Hiding unused variables is now default - hiding unused variations remains off by default
  • Added gradient display in editor/color tab
  • Made main toolbar wrap when window width is too small to hold all buttons
  • Added a button to clear out variations in editor/variations tab
  • Added "Go to folder" button in render window
  • Cleaned some smaller glitched and bugs
  • Made variation names case-insensitive in scripts
  • Made color box in transform editor react on clicks again
  • Fixed color box at options/background tab and in post-render window

I would like to honor Jeddaka P41nM4k3r Mjoellnir and Zwara02 for submitting me bugs and feature suggestions. These people are features below:

Cheese Factor by Jeddaka Apophysis - Super Fluids by Jeddaka Polished With a Golden Compass by Jeddaka Delirium by Jeddaka The Gamma Project by Jeddaka
Fullerene Fantasies by P41nM4k3r Hidden Gem by P41nM4k3r Coral Shell by P41nM4k3r Invasion by P41nM4k3r Gates of Hell by P41nM4k3r
Fireworks by Mjoellnir Vibrancy by Mjoellnir Juliascope Hemisphere by Mjoellnir Swirl by Mjoellnir Space Warp by Mjoellnir
- Jungle High - by Zwara02 - Cassis - by Zwara02 - Snoflakes - by Zwara02 - Navras - by Zwara02 -Wobble- by Zwara02

Also thanks to penny5775 and AmorinaAshton - they are featured here

Now get the new update on the release page and start the fractal fun :)
If you find a bug - dont hesitate to note me! I will not bite, promised :nod:
Since I released Apophysis 7X a bit more than a week ago, there have been so many suggestions and bug reports that I lost count on it. This news article is about the changes and improvements which kept the project progressing.

First update 2009-08-22
  • Fixed the batch render function
    Thanks to AmorinaAshton for reporting
  • Added loading progress bar and decreased thumbnail quality for faster loading libraries
    Thanks to Fiery-Fire for suggesting and testing
    • Re-enabled export flame feature

    Thanks to AmorinaAshton again for telling me that I forgot ;-)

Second update 2009-08-23
  • Added possibility to check for updates within Apophysis
  • Added possibility to hide unused variations
    Thanks to MichaelFaber for suggesting this

Third update 2009-08-27
  • Improved the thumbnail feature to ship around long loading times - this includes that "simple list"-view is now enabled by default, that no thumbnails will be generated when in "simple list"-view and that the setting which view is enabled is saved now
  • Added security routines to avoid "List index out of bounds" error
    Thanks to penny5775 for reporting the problem and suggesting solution

Fourth update 2009-08-29
  • Fixed a bug which caused an "Access violation" error when deleting a flame
  • Fixed a bug which caused the clear-out of "renders3d.flame" when rendering a new flame while the file already exists. I also renamed that file into "renders7X.flame"
    Thanks to Deceneace and penny5775 for reporting bug and suggesting solution
  • Fixed a bug which caused the editor background being white when there are no registry settings yet
    Thanks to fractal2cry for reporting the problem
  • Fixed a bug which made the paste feature malfunctioning and giving "Cannot open Clipboard" error sometimes
    Thanks to penny5775 for reporting the problem
  • Fixed a bug where the script engine did not translate from radians to angle and vice versa when accessing Flame.Pitch or Flame.Yaw in script
    Thanks to FracFx for reporting this problem

Of course also other people reported bugs to me but either they were not the first ones on this bug or I could not resolve who it was using my note income box or my memory ;-) If you think I forgot you, just note me :)

Everyone mentioned here PLUS MothersHeart, Fiery-Fire (because of their awesome support) will be featured below:

:iconamorinaashton: AmorinaAshton
What a Bloomin' Life 2 by AmorinaAshton Happy Birthday Sunny by AmorinaAshton Shiny Things by AmorinaAshton Floral Potpourri by AmorinaAshton Fading Ink by AmorinaAshton

:iconfiery-fire: Fiery-Fire
Deeper_hive by Fiery-Fire Moving_rays by Fiery-Fire Gifted by Fiery-Fire Celebration by Fiery-Fire Seconds by Fiery-Fire

:iconmichaelfaber: MichaelFaber
Burn this House by MichaelFaber Portrait of Invasion by MichaelFaber Flower Tiled by MichaelFaber Alongside by MichaelFaber Expanse by MichaelFaber

:iconpenny5775: penny5775
09 08 12 A by penny5775 09 08 09 D by penny5775 The Roots of My Love by penny5775 09 07 31 A by penny5775 09 08 02 A by penny5775

:iconmothersheart: MothersHeart
Chocolate DreamsEDeraX by MothersHeart Spiral Again by MothersHeart Gator Colors by MothersHeart Autumn Near by MothersHeart Tiled by MothersHeart

:icondeceneace: Deceneace
Swarms of Notions by Deceneace :thumb134241571: Mirror Garden by Deceneace Divided by Faith by Deceneace Ice Citadel by Deceneace

:iconfractal2cry: :fractal2cry:
Heart Crest by fractal2cry Ash Tray by fractal2cry Pillars Ballz by fractal2cry Rope Coaster by fractal2cry Eggs by fractal2cry

:iconfracfx: FracFx
Lay It On The Line by FracFx Valley Of The Kings 2 by FracFx The Crossroads by FracFx Light In The Dark by FracFx Well, Hello Dali by FracFx

Go and give them all your :heart: and :+fav: alot of their awesome works!