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Hey guys. It's George speaking,

If you watched my profile closely, you might have noticed that I was deactivated for a few days. I've got some "why"s about that and obviously, I'm back now. Well here is why: after some thinking about what I'm still doing here, I made the decision to close my account. Sounds harsh but hey, you all know where to get Apophysis, the plugins and whatever you need. And you also have a support e-mail if you need help and last but not least, you find a fractal coding discussion platform at the mailing list, no problem. You can also follow my art on RedBubble if you're not here to get help with Apophysis. And this website is stuck in the early 2010's, still doesn't have any messaging API and the admins / web devs...well...let's just say dA sucks wiggly donkey balls!

But there were a few problems with that after some thinking:

1. I was digging around RedBubble and with their latest site updates, I found their website even crappier than deviantART
2. You had problems reaching me, despite a mailing list, despite public e-mail addresses and despite two Facebook pages, a RedBubble account, a tumblr, a twitter, Skype and whatnot
3. Kristen was saying that she was actually enjoying logging on here, talking to you and making giveaways for you and I still think it's a good idea that she does that

So here I am. Now you know.

But what am I going to do now? Well, I know that I'm putting my fractal programming on ice for quite a while. I'm currently on the brink of turning insane. My job is really demanding and I have all sorts of crap to do next to that. The only time I can code Apophysis or plugins or anything else is on the weekend and late at night. It's been turning out that it is not a good idea if I plan to maintain my mental health. I'm simply tired and I want my peace.

Peace I find in making fractal art.

I'm still going to upload art here once in a while. But don't expect high frequencies. I know you're enjoying what I do a lot and I'm happy that you do but just put yourself in my situation. You're doing me a good favor if you just let me find back to what I was once able to do in every free minute I have. And if you're patient enough, I will find back to this state.

Yesterday, I made cyberxaos an admin of the SourceForge project for Apophysis 7X where I migrated the full source code to. It is not longer hosted on my servers. She is also an admin of the mailing list, together with JoelFaber. I myself am retreating to be an advisor regarding the Apophysis code. If I feel like it, I'll make a plugin. Apophysis N will be joining the source code on SourceForge once I have the time to migrate it. Any dev on the world is welcome to join the project. Talk to cyberxaos a.k.a. Juliet in the Apophysis mailing list. Perspectively, Apophysis 7X and Apophysis N will switch hands. Whoever has a question about the code is welcome to e-mail me at or post in the mailing list.

On this deviantART account, I'll log on when I'm summoned by Kristen or when I feel like it - for example when I'm posting art. It will remain activated. If you want to unfollow me, go ahead. I never counted my followers (or watchers, if you prefer dA lingo) If you really enjoy my stuff, however, you may want to stay. Your inbox may carry a fractal piece or a plugin once in a while. If you send a note, it will be read. If you make a comment, it will be read. But probably not within the next 20 minutes.

I'm back here because I love you. That's all to say here.

Hey guys. It's George :)

So I've made that poll because of a certain reason. No, I'm not planning to charge for anything. I'm also not planning to make you register anywhere (except maybe for the Apophysis mailing list) Actually, after some input from cyberxaos, JoelFaber and some thinking, I've come to the decision that Apophysis N is going to be open source as well once I got the code ordered a little bit. But that's just a side note.

The reason I did the poll is because I've had a lively discussion with a community member about a tutorial (which I still think IS a resource for Apo, no matter if you call it manual or not) which is being hidden behind a registration form. I wanted to hear your opinion on it. I personally think it is not okay to do that - the same way I think it is not okay to charge for resources. I am moving towards my argumentative opponent by opening myself up a bit regarding community resources (= resources created by members of a closed community which are intended to be used by the same closed community) but I still think the optimal way is a complete and open way of sharing your bits. 

In the poll, an overwheliming majority of 88% stated, that Apophysis and all it's resources should be free and open, 12 % said that it's okay to lock them away and keep them exclusive (may it be for paying or registered users)

I want to be clear about why I think that opening is the better way. It is also the reason why I refused charging for anything over the years, no matter how much work I put into it. You guys donated to my pool and I appreciate that but it was always clear that you can download everything, whether you donate or not and whether you're registered on deviantART or not. Anyway, to the point:

Apophysis lives from it's community. If it were not for the thousands (millions?) of Apophysis users and fractal flame lovers, it would have been dead long ago. It is a broken software - we all know that. It has it's ouchies and cracks but it lives and that is because it's been dragging people into itself. I believe that if you had to register anywhere for new versions of Apophysis, nobody would ever touch it again.

Apophysis also lives from it's ridiculous amount of freely available resources. May it be starter flames, gradients, plugins and scripts - everyone can create resources and every Apophysis user does. Hell, even language packs have been created by people all over the world because they love the software. Do you think ANYONE tried to make somebody register to their forum to get Apophysis in French, Italian, Czech, Polish, German, Indonesian and even Chinese? I don't know because if somebody does that, I would never know about it. I would never download their work and try it out because I don't think I want to create a newbie account somewhere just to get some resource and then forget about the account.

In reality, if you hide the work you did behind a registration wall, people will register for the download and then never show up again. Maybe they even pirate your work because they want to use it and don't care. If you try to be a smart ass and make people post a number of times or get some kind of reputation first, they will be like "up your's" and google an alternative. Or downloaded the pirated resource. You're not doing yourself a favor and all it gets you is that your work does not get known. Think about it.

Of course, you can play Mr. Big Boy fancy exclusive club and make people register so they can get your precious resources but you don't do yourself a favor with it. In that entire discussion, I never got an answer why it is impossible to just open up and honor the work somebody in your community did by sharing it and bringing it out to the world.

Peace :)
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Hello guys! George speaking ;)

Since there has been the wish for a public mailing list for Apophysis developers, I made one. cyberxaos was really helpful on this matter because I didn't know how to do this. I've not been on the old mailing list and I really don't know how this works except this is something like a forum via e-mail.

The mailing list is now hosted on Google Groups. You can access it via the web interface or via e-mail at

It is setup so that anyone can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. So if you can program and you're interested in discussing about the development of Apophysis and other fractal flame software, you're warmly invited to join us.

Also, note that you can now stop posting your e-mail addresses here. I asked for them because I was originally making a mailman instance on my server and then add you guys manually. I don't have to do this anymore now because of the help cyberxaos gave me on this thing (thank you!)

Now go and sign up ;)
Long time no word like this but I think I want to share this with you since I have a feeling that this is or is gonna be a controversal topic to discuss about. I'm highlighting my opinion here and maybe it sparks a discussion or maybe everyone just agrees to me (whereas the latter option is quite unlikely)

What I want to talk about is the urge to render everything huge and with the highest antialiasing level possible and - a thing I disagree with even more - the pressing urge to monetarize fractal art. These two things are entangled since the first urge is mostly there to feed the second urge. I'm also not talking about something which is about my own artwork but I'm talking generally as a result of observations I made in a number of comment sections across deviantART.

You may or may not believe it - even if I don't *appear* active, I still browse galleries. I don't separate into "beginners", "potential talents" and "divine artists". I like all fractals and I think there is no real skill level in fractaling. Everyone has got the potential and everyone can render beautiful flames if they simply put enough passion into the matter. That's why I feel the urge to spit a constant, mile-long stream of steaming, green vomit into every face which emits the words "I wish you would render this at higher resolution and with more antialiasing" because it SIMPLY IS NOT RELEVANT how small and jagged the render is. What you see is what the artist wants you to see because the artist decided to upload it this way. If you can't see enough for your oh so fine taste then it's your fucking bad and you should either shut the fuck up and look at another fractal or render your own fractals which look exactly alike and are at the size of seventeen and a half football stadiums if it bugs you so much because appearantly you know it all better, you unbelievably arrogant, elitist dickface!

One step up on the ladder of annoying asshats are people who constantly disrespect an artists decision about monetarizing his artworks. It is art, for Christ's sake. Since when is art something which is ought to be sold? Some people just want to make art because it's fun and not because they want to generate money (or points, however you damn well please) And yet again, I'm not talking about my own artworks. Over the years, I've always seen people who simply don't want to sell their artwork. They decided so because they think it would ruin the spirit of their art if they would print it on T-shirts, mugs, posters, postcards or albino mooses. These people see their work as art and not as some sort of merchandise. Others don't have a problem with selling their art - me included. So now here is the question: if you sell your art (and maybe sell it quite successful, who knows), why do you think another artist wants to do it? I tell you why: because again, you are an arrogant dick. You think the way you see your art is the ultimate way to see all art. You're going to a person's gallery, you don't know the true intention the person has for their art and you simply imply that the person wants to generate the maximum profit out of their art. Congratulations for failing so hard in life that my ass hurts when I think about it. Of course, the same thing goes for people who run to galleries of successful printers and bitch at them because they are commercial dickbaits for selling art. This direction, however, is much less likely in the fractal art scene of today.

Concluding, I want to ask you to accept two things:

1. High-res =/= good. Low-res =/= bad. If you want big renders, go ahead and try to clone my fractal and then render it yourself as big as you fucking want and leave me the fuck alone.
2. If you print, I don't have to. If you don't print, I don't have to. I print whenever I damn well please or somebody asks me in a friendly way to provide one of my artworks to them PERSONALLY in a print form which is an absolute fine and legitimate question as long as both "okay" and "no" are valid answers.

Because it just occured to me: the same thing goes to Apophysis as well. Many many people were repeatedly asking for Linux or Mac versions of Apophysis. And I am always giving a friendly "no" as an answer and if the question "why" arises, I tell them, in a friendly way, that I simply don't enjoy programming for these systems because I also don't like to use them. Unfortunately, some like to enter bitch mode because they don't like this "no" so for everyone who feels addressed: there will be NO Linux or Mac version of 7X or anything I make and provide for free. If you want it so bad then do it yourself or pay someone who does. How dare you bitch at me because I don't spend my free time to serve you and your needs you dick! Everyone uses the system they like and everyone programs for the system they like. I don't give a cold, wet shit about why you think Windows sucks and Mac/Linux rule. Period.

That being said: good night :)

as some of you noticed, the bug tracker on is currently down. But why?

A few weeks ago, specifically on April 3rd, the hard disks on my root server died. As I would expect from a server provider, I requested to restore the system from a backup. After 2 days on tech-support, the guys admitted that there were no automated backups even though they were configured. In the following week, I brought up almost every service from my own backups again - except the Mantis bug tracker. Fortunately, the recorded bugs and feature requests were all resolved and I had the information I needed already. But as of now, the service is still down.

So right now, I'm looking for a better service to host a bug report / feature request-platform. This is a process which takes a few weeks because I'll build on a paid, managed service and I want to choose the one which is best for the needs of the project. This means: as of now, it is not possible to report bugs and request features for Apophysis 7x. I would like to ask you to NOT send them to me via note or e-mail because this just results in cluttered inboxes and boundless chaos and your requests and reports will most likely be forgotten. Keep your things until I brought up the new service again.

I will notify you when it is done and you can reach the server again.

Thank you :)
Indeed. Over the years, I took some pictures here and there and threw some of them on Facebook and whatnot. But this is an art community and even though one my discuss their artistic value (I'm as far away from being a photographer as Switzerland is from an ocean), I decided to share them anyway - also because I wanted to see how one can work with the "Stash Writer". Please enjoy :)


State in central Germany, known for its forest and called the "green heart of Germany"

Img 20130413 141003 by Xyrus-02Img 20130413 141608 by Xyrus-02Img 20130413 141456 by Xyrus-02

From left to right:
  • Schmalkalden, Altmarkt
  • Abandoned Trabant 601
  • Eisenach, South District


Capital of Germany, formerly divided into a Soviet east sector and three allied western ones. The western sectors were later united to a West German exclave while the east sector became the capital of East Germany.

Img 20130420 222200 by Xyrus-02Img 20130420 222304 by Xyrus-02
From left to right: 
  • S-Bahnhof (train station) Warschauer Straße in Friendrichshain, East Berlin
  • Eastern entrance of Treptow, East Berlin


Called the "Residence of Justice" because of the fact that the city houses the office of the federal general attorney, the supreme court and the constitutional courthouse. The secondary name is "The capital of the internet" since most of the biggest internet and telecommunication companies like United Internet (1&1,, ...) have their main offices in Karlsruhe. The city is dominated by the high-tech industry and lawyer compounds.

Img 20130413 135956 by Xyrus-02Img 20130414 194236 by Xyrus-02
Img 20130414 194633 by Xyrus-02Img 20130420 222040 by Xyrus-02

Clockwise, starting at top left:
  • Main building of the Baden-Württemberg state bank, entrance to the east district
  • City Park, a high-standard residental district
  • Karlsruhe Palace
  • Beiertheimer Allee, an avenue leading to the southern district of Beiertheim

I know it's non-standard but I thought you might enjoy these :)
Hi guys :)

Since I obviously don't have anything better to do this fine day, I sat down and made 94 (!) existing plugins for Apophysis readable for the 64-bit-version of Apophysis 7X (commonly known as 7x64) - I'm talking about almost all of the plugins available as source code on including my own. I just skipped some odd non-standard ones, those which are built-into Apo7x15 and dc_image. I don't know what else is floating around in outer space so if you note me the source code (*.c), I'd convert some more too.

It cost me an imaginary pack of cigarettes and 90% of my remaining sanity. So here is the download link:

click me!

Please make sure you read the file README.TXT before you send me messages and comments whining about that it doesn't work for you :)
Also, be advised that I just compiled them. I did not test each single one of them. That'll be up to you. Enjoy ;)


PS: If you're still having the final transform bug (FX won't save), there is a patch available for 7x15D:…

PS2: If you're getting an error message about a DLL missing, you need to download and install this:…
Hey guys :)

I know it's been some time but I'm having hell of a release going on here. So I just didn't came to check on what's wrong with the saving of final transforms. I finally made it so that I'm not there 7am to 10pm every day. This means: it's fixing time.

To provide you with an acceptable solution, I just reverted the behavior of FXes to the one of 15C. So that you at least get to use 64 bit plugins / scripts AND final xforms :lmao:

Here it is:…
It's a patch so just replace the EXE files in your installation. If you didn't update yet, you can with this. In this case, you also just replace the EXE files. Remember the release notes from the original 15D package, though. It contains valuable information on how to use 64 bit plugins and compile multi-architecture plugins (32/64) from existing and new plugin code.

See you soon :)
You might or might not know that I've been fiddling around with Turing McCabe-patterns in the past. Well the good news is: in the present too! For those of you who don't know what this is: it's an algorithm producing nice images like this one:

I've created an explorer utility for myself. Well, I created one for you too but it's old. I'm constantly changing mine and see what you can do with the algorithm. And I've come to a major progress I wanted to share with you.

One thing is a thing you might already know. The original algorithm initializes with a noise field. This means, the first frame is just noise and then the pattern develops. I had one thought which changed that concept a bit: why noise? The Jonathan McCabe seemed to need a field of unstructured data from where a pattern evolves through convolution. My idea was to replace that with something else. To the mathematical idea, an image is sort of unstructured too. It's man-made. Most of the time. So technically, you could use an image to ignite the algorithm. And I did.

The below video shows how that looks like:

Now imagine what it could do to a fractal (flame) rendered into an image file and loaded into the algorithm...!

The second thing was sort of not my idea. I want to say that right away because I was victim to a mistake. When I started to implement this thing, I wasn't aware of that somebody did that before me. I discovered when I was done. But through the fact that there are two independent implementations now, my version and the other author's version are unique in their own ways now. I'm talking about painting into the algorithm's data field using your mouse. Something which provided me HOURS of fun!

My way was to "reset" the areas I was painting on. So basically, wherever your brush strokes the field, there will be noise. It's sort of like you're "stirring" that reactive soup the algorithm paints on your screen. Effectively, you're agitating the algorithm in a limited area.

See how that looks like in the below video:


This gives the whole thing some more interactivity than just dragging sliders and pushing in images. I sort of want to experiment with more ways to influence the algorithm.

I'll keep you up-to-date!
I created another domain for Apophysis 7X. But before you panic: the old domain ( is still reachable and will be reachable :)

The new location is; you can see the main page there. Downloads, history, etc.
Then there is; you can read the current source code online at this location. Live. As I commit it (for example when I fixed a single bug)
And finally (for now) there is; this is the new main bug tracker for Apophysis 7X.

The bug tracker lives on as does the source code. The alternative URLS are:
- for the tracker and

If is not reachable in the next hours, this is because it's still being setup by the provider.

Now that we cleared that up, here comes some very important information! READ UP CAREFULLY!

Since I clearly have less time now but still want to care for and continue Apophysis 7X, we need to make up some rules concerning bug reports. I don't have the time anymore to run between my e-mail inbox, deviantART and Facebook or whatnot to gather all the reports. I need it at a central place. This is said bug tracker!

Only reports in that tracker are being taken care of. It's not that I strictly ignore any report anywhere else but I will oversee them naturally. Don't complain if I didn't read your note or your message on Facebook. I didn't see it. I'm looking into my e-mail inbox like once a day. Apophysis bug reports have a folder there which gets filled by SourceForge. The e-mails you send me directly are drowning in whatever things I get daily. So don't wonder if I don't see them. So please stick to this act of centralization if you want to have your problem fixed or fix it yourself (the source is online)

We need to be prepared for that another developer will either join or take over the project. Thus the outsourcing. Whoever might join or overtake in future will certainly not gain access to my e-mail inbox or deviantART account to see all the bugs you are reporting in your habit. Better switch now :)

The bug tracker acts as my to-do list. It takes too much time to formulate a clear to-do item for every 1000 words-story you sent me via note. Not that I don't appreciate detailed reports but sometimes I just don't need to know that you have X gigabytes of RAM and a spaceship of a GPU (not to speak of that Apo itself gives a crap on your GPU because it's a pure CPU application)

I don't need to announce known problems anymore. You can just check if your problem already exists in the tracker. I won't answer duplicates.

You can observe the bug processing in the source code browser on When I commit a bugfix, I will write the username you wrote your bug report with into the commit comments as a reference. Commits are visible as they are done. If there have been enough commits, a release will be published. Of course, you can always checkout the source code yourself via SVN and build your own release if it's THAT important :lmao:

There are also some simple submission rules which I put in a paste bin and linked on the top of the submission form on the bug tracker page.

Please make sure you include the following information in your artifact:
1) What happens NOW (is-status) and what SHOULD happen (should-status)?
2) How can the I reproduce/provoke the problem you have?
Before you submit a new artifact, make sure:
1) that you have the newest version of Apophysis 7X / 7X64 (remember Hotfix releases)
2) that you are working on Windows XP or higher; Linux or Mac versions are available using WINE but can act strangely
3) that your computer is clean of viruses (of course) and you are not using any desktop enhancement or shell replacement software such as Aston, NextStep or WindowFX
4) that your font size is set to normal in the Windows appearance settings (only for interface related problems)
Bug or feature? An artifact without a should-status can't be processed as I won't know what program behavior you wish for. Maybe you are reporting an error message and it should appear because of another problem in your configuration?

My USB-crystal ball is in the laundry. An artifact without reproduction steps can't be processed as I won't know what you did before the problem occured. What steps were you following in the program before the problem occured?
Avoid unneccessary information. Save me some time by double-checking your settings and making sure that I can see it on my machine! This way, your artifacts will be processed efficiently and fast. If Ineed to know your CPU type, how much RAM and operating system you got and what graphics card you are using, I'll let you know. I don't care if you are an animator, a print artist or a casual playing around. During the bug processing, you are a user. You don't need to tell me that. Be clear and focused. :)

Use english language. I don't care if your grammar is not the best and you misspell words. If I can understand it somehow, it's fine. Google translate is okay too - as long as it's not TOO wild. But avoid writing in french, german, spanish, zulu or whatnot. If you don't speak english then I can't help you. Sorry.

Don't abuse for feature- and change requests. This tracker is about BUGS. You are seeing a bug when the program clearly behaves in another way than it's intented to behave. Sometimes, error messages pop up for a good reason. Your wish that the editor background should be hot pink is a change request, not a bug. So is your wish that you can render exotic image format XYZ with Apophysis is a feature request. But your wish that Apophysis should not open your CD/DVD-drive every time you click on "Render" is a bug report because that is a clear misbehavior.

Don't abuse anonymous reports. You can report bugs without logging into SourceForge (even though you can do so with OpenID, a Google account and whatnot. If I get fishy shit in the tracker, the anonymous reports will be turned off immediately and indiscutably and you will have to log into SourceForge and potentially make an account to be able to report bugs.
Thanks for acknowledging!
To excuse myself from the artificial hoax from earlier, I have a hotfix release for 15C for you ;) Here the changes:

+ Fixed two strings regarding the Chaotica integration. They were always english. The language files have been adjusted accordingly.
+ Fixed the "dot"-bug with the waves2-, noise- and crop-variations (and possibly more) occuring when you use multithreaded rendering. The origin was a structural misconception with the opacity handling. It now works smooth & fine! No corrupted renders in my own tests. If you have some after this release, please report!
+ Added file type registration scripts in the portable (ZIP)-package

Installer (32 bit)

Installer (64 bit)

Portable package (32 & 64 bit)

Source code

A few weeks ago, I quickly coded a small localization helper utility. This to more comfortably edit and merge localizations (language files) for Apophysis 7X. With this utility, you can:

+ Create new localizations from the Apophysis 7X-source code (reads "Core/Translation.pas" from the source code-ZIP)
+ Comfortably edit existing localizations (XML-files)
+ Update existing localizations to the latest Apophysis 7X-source code (more below)
+ Merge a partial localization into an existing localization or save partial localizations (more below)

Here is the download:

Binaries + Source (.NET 3.5 required)

How to...:
  • Create a new localization from the source code?
    1. Download the Apophysis 7x-source code ( or one of the release journals)
    3. Start the localization utility and click File/Create from source code...
    5. Locate the Translation.pas source code file and confirm
    7. Start translating
  • Update an existing localization with the newest source code?
    1. Open the translation in the utility (File/Open language file...)
    3. Click File/Refresh with newest source code...
    5. You will see the untranslated strings in the list on the right. You can either save them as a partial localization (File/Save currently shown strings...) or translate them right away and then save the entire file (File/Save language file)
  • Merge a partial localization into an existing localization
    1. Open the translation file which you want to merge strings into
    3. Click File/Insert partial language file... and locate the partial localization
    5. Confirm. The strings in the main localization will be updated with the strings in the partial localization

Please note: I do not give any guarantee on that this utility works for you. Neither do I give support in any way. Use at your own risk!
The source code as well as the utility is shared under a creative commons-noncommercial license. Look at it, use it, change it, reshare it (under the same terms) but do not make money out of it ;) Simple!
I have made an installer for Apophysis 7X 15C available at

Please be aware that this installer is for Microsoft Windows only. It comes in two versions: for the 32 bit and the 64 bit version of Apophysis 7X 15C. The two versions can be installed side-by-side. Even in a single folder (but be careful - you might not want to uninstall the 32 bit version if you have the 64 bit version in the same folder so I recommend keeping the folders separate)

Unlike for the ZIP-package, 32- and 64 bit version do not come in a single file!

Currently, the german, italian and chinese language packs are shipped with the installer. The other language packs are outdated and for the vanilla version 7x15 only.

The 32 bit-installer offers you to install a collection of DC-plugins as well as two sample scripts. Please mind that upon uninstallation, these plugin .DLL-files will be removed even if they were there before. This also applies to scripts and other files. That's why you should not install Apophysis 7x over an existing version in the same folder. Choose a new folder or backup the old version first.

The installer includes the hotfix release #7 but future hotfix releases will not be included with the installer. A new installer is uploaded only on major releases (15D? 16?) so that a hotfix release is more like a "patch" and needs to be installed manually. The approach is the same as for 2.02 as the major release and 2.09 as the minor release:

1) Install Apophysis with the latest installer
2) Download the latest hotfix/patch if available and copy Apophysis7X.exe or Apophysis7X64.exe into the install folder

Installer (32 bit)

Installer (64 bit)

PS: A hotfix #8 seems likely because there is one bug remaining; apart from that, no other patch releases are planned. You are safe to consider this installer version the "final" 7x15C with a minor bug in the multithreaded renderer (known problem with "noise" and "crop"-variations)
I recently raised the poll "Installer or ZIP-package?" here. Now it's time to take a summary out of the answers!

I noticed that some of you wanted to answer "both" but that was not the question ;) I was asking what you were using to install 7x on your hard disk. That's why "both" was not in the clickable range of answers :nod:  The results were kind of equal. 52% of you are using an installer, the rest is using the ZIP-package. So my conclusion here is that the installer needs to come back.

And it will.

However, plugins will not be installed on your system with the installer anymore. That out of three reasons:
+ Apophysis 7x64 doesn't support them
+ The plugin path is customizable
+ The amount plugins being integrated in the installer before is now integrated in Apophysis itself

Now you need to give me some time to get the installer creation software back up and then I'll compose an installer for you :)
Oops! Something went wrong with uploading the files when I added this hotfix. The download links pointed to Hotfix #6 still. Please re-download Hotfix #7 if you downloaded it already. It's now pointing to the correct version.
Thanks, fengda2870 for pointing it out.

I added two rather critical fixes to Apophysis 7x15c:

+ Fixed post_curl variation by doing the following on Zueuk's suggestion (more below)
+ Fixed a bug which created a spiral (why so ever) on the blur variation when using multithreading

post_curl_c3 got removed and post_curl was made a simple, 3D aware variation (Z-passthrough)
The functionality of the former, built-in post_curl was renamed to post_curl3D which essentially a post'ified curl3D where the latest post_curl behaves like the plugin (except for the Z-passthrough)
This fix was done as a result of the recent CDA.

The problem that the blur-variations as well as the crop-variations might malfunction if you use MT and render anything non-transparent PNG is known and subject to fix in a later release, still. The fix for the spiral problem is kind of rough and has a (very very tiny) impact on the performance. Most likely, you won't notice it. But I want a better fix in there too :)

Download binaries (32 and 64 bit)

Download source code

Okay. A few more TINY problems were addressed here:

+ Fixed author/language name loading code. Was still trying to read ANSI-characters which scrambled the display in non-ANSI languages (actually a not-so-tiny problem)
+ Added chinese localization contributed by fengda2870 - available from
+ Fixed a few strings which were not localized

I really hope this is the last hotfix release and it's perfect now :) Enjoy!

And again, the downloads are here:

Download binaries (32 and 64 bit)

Download source code

Aaaand another hotfix release. This time, these problems were addressed:

+ Fixed bwraps, pre_bwraps and post_bwraps (potential division by zero) - thanks again, Fred!
+ Added localization support for the curves panel
+ Changed the flame and translation loading/saving code to support and use UTF8 encoding
+ Updated german localization
+ Updated italian localization (with the help of the great lindelokse - thanks!)

You can get the updated localizations from The binary/source downloads are here (and also on the homepage):

Download binaries (32 and 64 bit)

Download source code

To be honest, the localization of Apophysis didn't run very well. People have indeed sent me their translations but some of them are outdated with 15C (new strings added) and some of them were even outdated with 15A/B. I apologize for the chaos there but this is a quite complex project and I think the core problem is that the translation release frequency is notably lower than the Apophysis release frequency.

Whoever sent me their translation - the latest I got via mail is czech - has my dearest thanks :)

Now let's get this chaos into order and put some serious work into it. What are the problems?

1) Lack of information on how to create a translation file
2) Translation files outdated very fast
3) Lack of utilities to create translation files (have to use Editor)
4) Encoding confusion (UTF8 not natively supported by Apo, special chars look wrong)
5) Wide character or non-western languages like chinese, japanese, arabic, hebrew, russian ... extemely problematic

I am asking for your suggestions here. How can we fix all these issues?

I put some work into loading proper UTF8-files today. The Apophysis code itself is very incosistent when it comes to encodings and such. My first attempt would be to fix that and generally load UTF8 language files. It's possible since Delphi XE2 supports Unicode properly now. That should fix 4) and perhaps 5) if I can bring the XML parser to load wide strings.

Then I created a very small and rough tool to load the source code file "Translation.pas" (which contains the default strings) and edit the strings within the program. Then you can save an XML file. Whether it works for non-western languages...well I don't know. It should but I can't test it. Should fix 1), 3), 4) and potentially 5)

Now only 2) remains. To fix that, there needs to be an active community creating translation files as a new version of Apophysis is out. Suggestions? Somebody who is willing to get on that?

Help me out here :)
Oh mai, it seems that Apophysis 7X jumped on some kind of rapid-release schedule :lmao:

You kept reporting problems which I of course want to straighten out. This time, mostly about the newly introduced curves feature. I'm pushing updates on a daily basis - when possible - until they are kind of sorted out. At least the critical ones. Here is hotfix #4!

+ Changed color curves feature to use regular cubic béziér splines. They are weighted internally still but you can't change it from the GUI (which is not really necessary anyway...) ... it's kind of a hack, though, to bring you back the original coloring (not so vibrant and glary) but keep the possibility to adjust the color curves. I want to keep the weights - this is why I didn't remove them but it gives me a bit of time to fixing the maths!
+ Moved the curves window into the adjust window
+ Fixed the plugin loader code AGAIN to have the original list item coloring in the 32 bit version (white for basic built-in, blue for built-in plugin variations and yellow for external plugin variations)
+ Fixed the flame updating code so that changing the preset doesn't get reverted when you click on the curves panel

As always, download here:

Download binaries (32 and 64 bit)

Download source code

Two things changed:

+ Added color curves dialog
+ Fixed plugin recognition routines. Variations, which were already built-in were loaded anyway which lead to an "Access Violation" storm in the editor. Thanks again morphapoph for tracking the origin of the problem in such a masterful way!

The color curves dialog is very simple and straight forward. Works like the one in Photoshop. Or Chaotica. Or GIMP...and it's not perfect. It's a new feature and maybe a bit bugged. But we'll see how much better it gets over time ;)

As always:

Download binaries (32 and 64 bit)

Download source code